CFC - Clay Database - Tabular Display (Condensed)

This is a condensed tabular display of the data in Clay Database. It is condensed in the sense that it contains only a subset of the full set of fields in the database that are apt to be of interest to users seeking a general view of the data for multiple clay specimens. For a display presenting the full set of fields for a single clay specimen users can go to Record Display (see below). The NAA data for the clay specimens are presented separately on the CFC - NAA Data page.

Users can sort in ascending or descending numerical or alphabetical order on the Clay Number, Comune, Provincia, Regione, Date Acquired or Geologic Origin column by clicking on the column header. They can filter the dataset on the basis of Comune, Provincia, Regione or Geologic Origin by clicking on one of the values appearing in the appropriate scroll-down menu in the set of menus located immediately above the table and then clicking the Apply button situated immediately to the right of these. They can filter by two or more values by holding down the Control key, clicking on each of the desired values in the scroll-down menu and then clicking the Apply button. They can return the table to its default arrangement after sorting or filtering by clicking the Reset button.

Clicking on the content in a cell in the Clay Number column opens the display for that clay specimen in Record Display. Clicking on the content in a cell in the Comune, Provincia, Region, Date of Acquisition or Geologic Origin column generates a list of all of the clay specimens that have the same value as the one that appears in that cell. Clicking on any of the items in this list opens the record for the associated clay specimen in Record Display. To return from Record Display to Tabular Display (Condensed) users should employ the Back arrow.

Record Display presents the full set of fields for a single clay specimen arranged by subject in groups and sub-groups. (Fields that are empty for that specimen, however, do not appear in the display.) All of the groups and sub-groups other than the Provenience group that appears at the top of the record are shown in a collapsed view. This can be expanded to show the fields contained in the group/sub-group by clicking on the group/sub-group heading. The thumbnails of photomicrographs and diffractograms that appear in the Texture and Mineralogical Composition sub-groups for many of the specimens can be expanded to a full-size image by clicking on the thumbnail. The full-size image can be restored to thumbnail size by clicking on the X that appears at its lower right corner.

Record Display does not permit users to step directly from the record for one clay specimen to that of another. To do this users should use the Back arrow to return to Tabular Display (Condensed) and then click on the cell in the Clay Number column for the desired clay specimen.

The CFC - Products - Data page contains a link to a downloadable spreadsheet that contains all of the data included in this database other than the images.

Clay Number Comune Provincia Regione UTM Coordinates and Elevation (Google Earth) Source Date Acquired Date Acquired Partial Geologic Originsort descending Formation Use Raw Clay Color (Alphanumeric) Raw Clay Color (English) Clay Fired 750 C Color (Alphanumeric) Clay Fired 750 C Color (English) Clay Fired 900 C Color (Alphanumeric) Clay Fired 900 C Color (English) Break Thick Section Thin Section XRD: Raw < 2 mu XRD Raw > 2 mu XRD 900 NAA Raw Clay NAA Fired to 750 C NAAA Fired to 900 C NAA Fired to 900 C - Replicate Unfired Material - USA Fired Material - USA Unfired Material - Italy
Clay 034 Mazzano Romano Roma Lazio 33T 284720mE 4675120mN 185m asl Collected from talus debris at foot of face of clay pit 1984 or 1985 marine F143 p^3 Used to manufacture brick/tile 5Y 7/1 light gray 6.5YR 7.5/4 pink 7.5YR 7.8/3 pink SUNY SUNY NIST NIST NIST 225 92
Clay 046 levigated fine fraction Roma - Municipio XV Roma Lazio 33T 284640mE 4654770mN 055m asl Collected from plow zone 1984-03-06 marine F143 Q>1^c No known exploitation 5YR 7/6 reddish yellow SUNY NIST NIST 4
Clay 062 Camerota Salerno Campania Not available Donated by Gennaro and Vincenzina Ciociano, Camerota 1991-05-09 marine F209 Q>c Used to manufacture tableware; mixed with "terra rossa" in ratio 1:2 to manufacture low performance cookware 2Y 7/2.5 light gray/pale yellow 2.5YR 7/6 light red SUNY SUNY NIST NIST 190 72 183
Clay 078 Salerno Salerno Campania 33T 484070mE 4505290mN 161m asl Collected from face of clay pit 1991-05-08 marine F185 M^5-4 Used to manufacture brick/tile, tableware, maiolica; mixed with clays from Ogliastro and Grogastu 2.5Y 5/1 gray 4.5YR 6.5/4 pink/light reddish brown SUNY NIST NIST 20 3 191
Clay 006 Asciano Siena Toscana 32T 702620mE 4797960mN 261m asl Collected from face of clay pit 1990-08-10 marine F121 Pag^2-1 Used to manufacture brick/tile 5Y 7/1 light gray 4YR 6.5/4 pink/light reddish brown SUNY NIST NIST 23 23
Clay 094 Sovicille Siena Toscana 32T 685930mE 4639635mN 243m asl Collected from cut of construction trench 1992-08-04 marine F120 Pa Used to manufacture brick Cornell
Clay 111 Nepi Viterbo Lazio 33T 278050mE 4684990mN 249m asl Collected from road cut July 1997 marine F143 Q>2^c Used to manufacture brick/tile 2.5Y 7/2 light gray 260 279
Clay 035 Civita Castellana Viterbo Lazio 33T 287075mE 4684510mN 111m asl Collected from face of road cut 1984 or 1985 marine F143 Q>2^c No known exploitation lighter than 7.5YR 8/2 pinkish white NIST NIST NIST 99 39 353
Clay 047 Vasanello Viterbo Lazio 33T 280890mE 4701084mN 216m asl Donated by Soprintendenza Archeologica per l'Etruria Meridionale 1984 or 1985 marine F137 p^2 or Q>1^c Used to manufacture terra sigillata during Roman period 2.5Y 7/2 light gray 3YR 6/6 light red SUNY SUNY Alfred Alfred Alfred NIST NIST NIST 9 5
Clay 063 Montecorvino Rovella Salerno Campania 33T 498310mE 4503630mN 233m asl Collected from floor of clay pit 1991-05-08 marine F186 M^5-4 Used to manufacture tableware, cookware, and gardenare; mixed with Clay 120 in ratio of 1:4 2.5Y 6.5/1 light gray/gray 3YR 6.5/4 light red/light reddish brown SUNY NIST NIST 100 16 241