RES ROMANAE is the website of the University of California, Berkeley Roman Material Culture Laboratory (RMCL). Its principal purpose is to serve as a portal for reporting the results of the various research projects associated with the RMCL.  It also reports on the research activities and presents the research results of the various scholars affiliated with the RMCL, including UC Berkeley faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and external collaborators.

RES ROMANAE provides the following:

brief professional profiles of RMCL affiliates;

a description of the RMCL facility;

descriptions of the research projects associated with the RMCL and primary data generated by these initiatives;

lists of scholarly products generated by RMCL affiliates, along with links to downloadable versions of many of these;

links to resources on the UC Berkeley campus and beyond relevant to the study of Roman material culture;

announcements about recent additions to the content of RES ROMANAE, the research activities of RMCL affiliates;

information regarding how to contact the RMCL and how to make a financial contribution to support its activities.