PEPP - Pottery Assemblage Data


This page presents the primary data being produced by PEPP.  These are being migrated onto RES ROMANAE on a rolling basis as they become ready for presentation.

The presentation will eventually consist of a methodology page that describes the methods being employed for the description and quantification of the Palatine East site assemblage and for the on-line presentation of results and sets of pages of three different kinds: class pages - text documents that present the data pertaining to an individual class (ware) or to sets of related classes; databases - databases that collate data of various kinds in a format that allows them to be sorted and filtered; and project pages - text documents that describe various sub-projects being carried out as part of PEPP that involve the compositional or physical analysis of a limited set of materials.   

At this time (May 29, 2018) the following materials are avaibable:

PEPP - Methods

PEPP - Class Pages:

     PEPP - African Sigillatas (partial - Afican Sigillata 1 [= ARS A], African Sigllata 2 [= ARS A/D], and African Sigillata 4 [=ARS E])

PEPP - Databases:

     PEPP - Classes

     PEPP - Forms

     PEPP - Specimens

     PEPP - Contexts

     PEPP - Pottery Groups

     PEPP - Peterographic Analyses

The following material is currently being prepared for presentation:

PEPP - Class Pages: PEPP - African Sigillata (remaining classes of African sigillata; the various classes of cookware).

PEPP - Databases: Additional data for the records in PEPP Context; activation of a data visualization tool for PEPP Pottery Groups based on the Harris matrices for the different site sectors.