CFC - Products - Data

This page provides links to downloadable files containing all of the CFC data presented here except for the photgraphic images.  

These files are the following:

CFC - Project Narrative text (less images) (text file in pdf format): CFC - Project Narrative

CFC - Clay Database database (less images) (Excel spreadsheet in xlsx format): CFC - Clay Database

CFC - NAA Data (NIST/SI) database (Excel spreadsheet in xlsx format): CFC - NAA Data - NIST/SI

CFC - NAA Data (Cornell) database (Excel spreadsheet in xlsx format): CFC - NAA Data - Cornell

CFC - NAA Data (Illinois) database (Excel spreadsheet in xls format): CFC - NAA Data - Illinois

CFC - Sources Cited text (text file in pdf format): CFC - Sources Cited

It is requested that those who make use of these files and/or the data that they contain acknowledge RES ROMANAE as the source.