PEPP 6962

African Sigilllata 2.2 Form 4 Ostia I Fig. 30 dish.

Two joining fragments preserving portion of rim and upper wall.  Groove on upper surface of rim flange near tip. 

Red (2YR 5.2/8) body, with highly glossy light red/red (1YR 5.5/8?) slip on all preserved surfaces.

Micromorphology: Exterior: Medium facets on underside of rim flange, wall too damaged to permit observation; interior: medium facets on wall.

Use alteration: Exterior: Slip entirely missing from upper wall and extensively abraded/chipped in broad band on outer and upper face rim and in broad band at juncture rim flange and interior wall.

D. r. 37; pr. ht. 2.0.