PEPP 6968

African Sigillata 2.1 Form 1 Hayes 18 dish.

Fragments preserving rim, wall, and outer portion of floor. 

Light red/red (2.5YR 5.5/8) body, with reddish brown (2.5YR 5/4) core and highly glossy red (2.5YR 5.2/8) slip on all surfaces. 

Micromorphology: Exterior: medium facets on wall; underside of base smooth.  Interior: medium facets on wall; floor smooth.

Use alteration: Exterior: Slip abraded away in narrow band along juncture of wall and base; small pits in slip, rare on lower wall, sparse on upper wall.  Interior: Slip abraded away in broad band along inner face of rim; sparse small pits in slip on wall (and not on floor).

D. r. na.; pr. ht. 2.7.