Scholarly Products

The pages subsumed under this page present lists of scholarly products of various kinds generated by RMCL affiliates and in many cases links to a downloadable version of these.   There are separate pages for each of the following kinds of scholarly products:  1) publications (including prepublication manuscripts); 2) presentations; 3) unpublished reports; 4) research tools; 5) course materials.  

It is requested that those who download any of the pre-publication manuscripts, unpublished reports, presentations, research tools and/or course materials made available on these pages acknowledge RES ROMANAE as the source in any scholarly product that they create that makes use of these.



As of July 24, 2013 members of the faculty of the University of California system are subject to the set of UC Open Access policies (  The central provision of this set of policies is that "future research articles authored by faculty at all 10 campuses of UC will be made available to the public at no charge."  As of October 23, 2015 this set of policies was extended to cover researchers, lecturers, post-doctoral scholars, administrative staff, librarians, and graduate students working for the University of California.

In complying with this set of policies RES ROMANAE observes a three-year embargo for all publlications authored by RMCL affiliates who are employees of the University of California.  This means that for short publications, such as journal articles, book chapters and book reviews, RES ROMANAE will not present a link to a downloadable version until the fourth calendar year after the year in which that work was published.  Upon initial submission of a manuscript for review or publication it will, however, post a pre-publication version of that manuscript on the site.

For book-length publications RES ROMANAE presents a short extract indicative of the nature of the work, here too observing a three-year embargo.  

RES ROMANAE has deferred posting publications that have appeared in either the American Journal of Archaeology or the Journal of Roman Archaeology (including the Journal of Roman Archaeology supplements) until such time as a satisfactory arrangment for this has been agreed upon with the editors of these two journals.  In the meantime, users should note that all articles and book reviews that have appeared in the American Journal of Archaeology are available to those affiliated with a subscribing institution through JSTOR and all articles and book reviews that have appeared in an annual issue of the Journal of Roman Archaeology (though not those that have appeared in a Journal of Roman Archaeology supplement) are available to those affiliated with a subscribing institution through Cambridge Core.  (Users affiliated with UC Berkeley should note that the UC Berkeley Library maintains subscriptions to both of these services.)

RES ROMANAE will determine whether or not to provide a link to a downloadable version of a publication authored by an RMCL affiliate who is not an employee of the University of California on a case-by-case basis as a function of various relevant considerations.