PEPP 5207

African Sigillata 1 Hayes 8A bowl.

Three joining fragments preserving entire profile except for center of base.  Wall immediately below rim convex rather than with projecting angular molding normal for form.  Five bands chattering on exterior wall on convex zone and four or five bands chattering at transition from upper to lower wall.  Two small grooves on interior upper wall.

Fabric Variant 3. Light red (10R 5.8/8) body with glossy red (10R 5.2/8) slip on all preserved surfaces. 

Micromorphology:  Exterior: Gouges near center of area inside ring foot.  Interior: Surface notably smooth, with large facets on lower wall/floor.  Two grooves on interior upper wall, distorted, perhaps when blank set over chuck for turning.

D. r. 14; d. bs: 6; ht. ca. 5.4.