Contexts - Summary Table

This table provides an overview of the basic information regarding each of the contexts (stratigraphic units) documented on the Palatine East site.

The data in the table can be reordered by sorting and selected for by filtering.

A sort can be performed on any of the columns in the table except Treatment of Pottery. To sort the records in a column in alphanumeric order, click the column heading. To reverse the order, click the column heading a second time. To undo a sort and return the table to the default ordering, click the Reset button.

A filter can be performed for all of the columns except Context. To filter, use one of the filter menus located in the area above the table. To filter on one of the columns for which the entry is selected from a fixed set of terms (Sector, Deposit Type, Horizon, Operation, Treatment of Pottery), scroll down the list and click the term on which you would like to filter, then click the Apply button. To filter on two or more of the terms, hold down the Control key, click each of the desired terms, then click the Apply button. To filter on the column for which the entries are open format (Location, Date Range, Pottery Count, Pottery Weight, Mean Weight), select the operator that you would like to employ by scrolling down the list of options in the upper box and clicking on it, type the text string on which you would like to filter in the lower box, then click the Apply button. For either type of entry, to undo the filter and return to the unfiltered table, click the Reset button.

For each of the contexts included in the table there is a record form that contains more extensive information than that presented in the table. To access this form, click the entry for the desired context in the Context column. The record form is laid out in two columns, with the left-hand column presenting information that provides a rapid overview of the context and the right-hand column occupied by headings for several groupings of thematically related fields presented in collapsed view. To open any of these groupings, click the heading. To collapse an opened grouping, click the heading a second time. Entries in these fields that appear highlighted in blue are linked to a record for that item. Groupings and fields that contain no data for a particular context do not appear in the record form. To return to the table from the record form use the Back arrow.

Contextsort descending Sector Location Horizon Operation Deposit Type Date Range Treatment of Pottery Pot Ct Pot Wt Mean Wt
D219 Sector D Sector D Horizon 2 To be determined. 80/90-90/100