CFC - NAA Data (NIST/SI) - Tabular Display

This page presents a database consisting of the data produced by a program of NAA conducted at the National Institute for Standards and Technology/Smithsonian Institution facility in 1990.

This initiative consisted of 200 analyses involving 84 of the 126 CFC clay specimens. Eighty-nine of the 200 analyses were of a raw clay specimen, 26 of a specimen fired to 750 C and 85 of a specimen fired to 900 C. In 76 instances the same clay specimen was analyzed in both the raw state and one or both of the two fired states. The analytical protocols employed for this work are described in CFC - Project Narrative, Section 3.1.

The default display for the database presents the data in tabular form. Also available is a record display that presents the data for an individual analysis.

In the tabular display each row corresponds to an analysis, Column 1 records the laboratory identification number, Column 2 the specimen's clay number, Column 3 the type of clay (i.e., its general geologic origin), Column 4 the state of the material analyzed (heated to 105 C [= raw]; fired to 750 C; fired to 900 C), and the remaining columns the values obtained for each of the 28 elements assayed. The data are presented in parts per million (PPM) form for all elements and have been rounded to three places. The order in which the elements are presented is that employed for the reporting of data by the NIST/SI facility at the time that the program of analysis was undertaken.

In the tabular display users can sort any of the columns in ascending or descending numerical or alphabetical order by clicking on the column header.

Users can go to the record display for an analysis by clicking on the cell in the Lab ID column for that analysis. They can return to the tabular display by clicking the Back arrow. In the record view the fields for the chemical data are presented in a collapsed view under the heading Chemical Composition. These fields can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on this heading.

Clicking on the content in the Clay Number field in either the tabular or the record display opens a display of the record for the clay specimen in question in CFC - Clay Database Record Display. Users can return from this display to CFC - NAA Data (NIST/SI) by clicking the Back arrow.

The CFC - Products - Data page presents a link to a downloadable spreadsheet that contains the data in this database.

Lab ID Clay Number Type of Clay Statesort descending Na PPM K PPM Ca PPM Sc PPM Cr PPM Fe PPM Co PPM Zn PPM As PPM Br PPM Rb PPM Sr PPM Zr PPM Sb PPM Cs PPM Ba PPM La PPM Ce PPM Nd PPM Sm PPM Eu PPM Tb PPM Yb PPM Lu PPM Hf PPM Ta PPM Th PPM U PPM
CAL391 Clay 048 continental 900 7210 27700 0 16.20 145.0 48000 10.3 129.0 59.20 0.00 356.0 0 145.0 3.720 37.50 357 47.2 76.0 35.9 6.38 1.270 0.951 3.18 0.451 4.75 1.280 18.90 3.26