Projects Associated with the RMCL

The following three research projects are associated with the RMCL:  

La Creta Fatta Concreta: The Italian Ceramic Clay Project (acronym = CFC)

The Palatine East Pottery Project (acronym = PEPP)

The Pompeii Artifact Life History Project (acronym = PALHIP)


The complete dataset for CFC is mounted on RES ROMANAE along with links to downloadable files that contain all of the project content other than the photographic images.  

The basic data for PEPP are currently being migrated onto RES ROMANAE, with this work to continue for another two to  three years.  

The migration of the basic data for PALHIP onto RES ROMANAE will commence once the migration of the PEPP data is well in hand.


As material relating to any of these three projects is added to RES ROMANAE this will be indicated in monthly updates posted on the New Site Content page (a sub-page of this site's Home page).

The project data for these and any other projects to be hosted on RES ROMANAE will be permanently archived through the California Digital Library (