Janne Ikäheimo

Janne Ikäheimo is a Lecturer in archaeology at the University of Oulu. While his dissertation (2003) focused on ceramic cooking pots produced in Roman Africa, his current research interests include, in addition to Roman cookware, ‘neo-relics’ in contemporary society, the early Medieval period in Northern Finland and the Neolithic use of native copper in eastern Fennoscandia and northwest Russia. He is the principal investigator in the ‘The use of materials and the Neolithization of North-Eastern Europe (c 6000–1000 BC)’ research project funded by the Academy of Finland (2013–2017), and serves as associate director of the Palatine East Pottery Project.

Archaeology, PO Box 1000, 90,014 University of Oulu, Finland.

Email: janne.ikaheimo(at)oulu.fi

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