CFC - NAA Data


This page presents the NAA data for the clay specimens.  

These data were produced in three different programs of analysis carried out by three different analytical facilities  - the National Institute for Standards and Technology/Smithsonian Institution (NIST/SI), the Cornell University Ward Center for Nuclear Sciences (Cornell) and the University of Illinois at Urbana Department of Nuclear Engineering (Illinois).  The analytical protocols employed by the three facilities for these programs of analsis are described in CFC - Project Narrative Sections 3.1, 3.3 and 3.4.  Since the three facilities employed different protocols the data that they produced are not intercomparable and are accordingly presented here in three separate databases, each on its own page.

Of the three datasets, that generated by the NIST/SI facility is far and away the largest, consising of 200 analyses, involving 84 different clay specimens.  These include 89 analyses of raw specimens, 26 analyses of specimens fired to 750 C and 85 analyses of specimens fired to 900 C.  The Cornell dataset consists of 15 analyses of 14 different clay specimens fired to 900 C.  (One of the analyses is a replicate analysis of the same specimen.)  The Illinois dataset consists of 16 analyses of 8 different clay specimens fired to 900 C.  (All of the specimens were subjected to replicate analysis.)  Between the three progams of analysis, 89 of the 126 clay specimens included in CFC were analyzed in the raw state, 26 fired to 750 C, and 107 fired to 900 C.

The CFC - Products - Data page presents links to three downloadable spreadsheets that contain the data in the three databases.