PEPP 6990

African Sigillata 1 Form 19 Hayes 161 n. 2/Atlante 1 XXII.4 jug.

Two fragments (joining) preserving portion of rim and upper wall and 25 body fragments (some joining) preserving parts of upper, middle, and lower wall.  At least one groove on exterior wall immediately below rim.  Wheel ridging on interior. 

Fabric Variant 3.  Light red/red (10R 5.5/8) body with red (10R 5/8) slip, highly glossy on all preserved parts of exterior surface and matte on interior immediately below rim and in drips running down shoulder.

Micromorphology: Interior: Compression ridges on shoulder.

D. r. 13; pr. ht. na; th. w. 0.2-0.4.