PEPP 6983

African Sigillata 1 Base 1 base with small-diameter ring foot from small to medium open vessel (bowl).

Fragment preserving portion of lower wall and outer portion of base.  Probably from African Sigillata 1 Form 6 or 7.

Fabric Variant 2.  Red (10R 5/8) body with glossy light red/red (10R 5.5/6) slip on all preserved surfaces, pimply on exterior. 

Micromorphology: Exterior: Drag marks in area inside foot.

Epigraphy: Alphabetic graffito on exterior in area inside foot:


[i.e. Two letters from right to left: reversed three-stroke letter S, then a vertical stroke that may be the letter I or part of letter.] 

Complex incised drawing partially preserved on interior surface of floor; motif not clear. 

D. bs. 8; pr. ht. 2.3.